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A brand new class of the small arms, the MP-7 Personal Defence Weapon (PDW) is intended to be a defensive sidewarms for second-line troops, vehicles crews and other military personnel. The MP-7 was first announced in 2000, entered production in 2001 and has been adopted by some German special units according to some sources, in addition offered for export sales and for NATO-trials as an another could-be NATO PDW (the only other competitor is FN P-90).

The MP-7 is laid out as a compact submachine gun, with the magazine being inserted into pistol grip, and with a forward-folding foregrip and retractable stock. All these features are faithfully replicated in this Tokyo Marui replical. Being a high performance submachine gun, the MP-7 real steel is exceptional lightweight (1.7kg), and so is this Marui replica.The gun can be fired single-handed, or from two hands, either like a pistol or a submachine gun using a front grip. Retractable stock can be extended to give additional stability. With stock and front grip collapsed, the MP-7 can be carried like any big pistol and holstered as a sidearm.

Package includes the gun, standard 50 rounds magazine

Original Tokyo Marui charge is a 110v Japan / USA type plug charger. If you live in the UK or any other country with a 220v power supply, you will need to buy a step-down transformer to 'step-down' your 220v power supply to 110v for this charger.

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